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The Roes

Home Page

Welcome to the website of Jon and Jan Roe of Vernon, CT.

The website is a place to put online anything that might be of interest to friends and family - Christmas letters, photo albums, family history and genealogy, individual web pages and links to other family related websites. Everything in one place.

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We're gradually scanning and organizing old photos to tell our stories visually and make them available to the family. At this point we have a slideshow created for Annie's 16th Birthday on July 29, 2012,, Mark Roe's 40th Birthday on February 21, 2009 and Jan's 70th birthday on September 11, 2013 online. Others have been created and will be uploaded.

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Each year we would create a Christmas letter for friends and family. Limited to one page there was no room for pictures, so since 2007 we've created an online version with photos and links.

Mark and Debbie Roe create a Christmas card each year they call The Newlywed Chronicles, which is a humorous review of their past year. That too is online.

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Family History

This section is for the family history and genealogy of the ancestors of Jon and Linda (Adams) Roe. The intention is to preserve and document our history for children and grandchildren.

It is presented in two forms that run parallel to each other - one is conventional genealogical information with references; the other is in narrative form. The narrative form should be more interesting to the family and is more fun to put together.

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Family Pages

This is somewhat out of date. It was created for the grandchildren. They wanted to play with their own webpages so a page was created for Annie and Katie. There is also a page tracing their family history on the Depew side to begin to give them a feel for family history. Pages may later be added for other family members. And there is Dad's story of his love of drumming.

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Family Links

This is a page of links to other family websites including businesses and Facebook pages.

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