Mom takes me to Myrtle Beach but won't let me out.I finally arrive on July 29, 1996.Grandpa says I'm a double Leo and predicts I'll know I'm special. Note my finger: I'm #1.I'm baptized during my lunch. Keep it coming Dad.Awwww. Aren't I cute?Even cuter!Lookout world - I'm mobile!1997: I turn 1 and discover boys. Yuck!!!Look what Mom brought home! I'd rather have a puppy.Here I am; I'm Annie, and have my own stage.I discover hats and fall in love with them.She's still here. I thought Santa would take her in trade.I do love my stage. Bow to me world!First formal portrait. Every world leader needs one.1998: Second birthday and first wheels. I have to wait another 14 years before I can go on the road?!?!I discover sports, another love.Hats, sports and, of course, food are favoritesWhy can't I go back up on the roof? I'm not scared, why are you?
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1997: I turn 1 and discover boys. Yuck!!!