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Lillian Cole Genealogy

The Kool family came to New Netherlands in 16??. At the time the Dutch had trading posts and settlements along the Hudson River. Our ancestors settled in the Kingston area and made their way south along the Neversink River to Port Jervis on the Delaware and into the Montague area.

The were part of the Dutch Reformed Church which established itself in the same area as their people spread out. This church is known for the excellent records they kept, a big help to genealogists.

Following is the Cole Line. Click on each name for their story.

Born Place Died Age Place Married
Jacob Arendsen Kool 1580 Netherlands Netherlands Aeltje Dircks
Barent Jacobsen Kool 1610 Amsterdam Kingston Marretje De Grauw
Leendert Barentsen Kool 1647 Ulster Co. 1735 87 Marbletown Marretje Cornelis Van Dort
Willem(1) Kool 1689 Kingston Minisink Catryntjen Dubois
Johannes Cole (Kool) 1714 Kingston Minisink Pieternella Van Aken
Willem (2) Cole 1756 Delaware Valley Minisink Sarah Wells
Thomas J. Cole 1790 Deerpark, NY 1866 74 Montague, NJ Susan Haynes
Benjamin H. Cole 1816 Montague, NJ 1898 81 Montague, NJ Margaret Van Etten
George N. Cole 1851 Hainesville 1933 81 Hainesville Emma Kyte
Lillian Cole Depew 1884 Montague, NJ 1918 33 New York City Claud Depew