Roe Family History

Roe Genealogy

This section is for the family history and genealogy of the ancestors of Jon and Linda (Adams) Roe. The intention is to preserve and document our history for our children and grandchildren.

The surnames of all four grandparents - Roe, Depew, Wickham and Cole - trace back to ancestors who arrived in America during the 1600's. They stayed within a small geographic area that primarily included Long Island, NY; Sussex County, NJ and Orange County, NY. That made the research much easier.

I (Jon) explored family history and genealogy during the 1970's. During the 10 years I spent researching the family I gathered the work done by many others and my biggest contribution was tying it together. The Internet was not in place so could not be used as a resource. Most of the family sheets were typewritten. While working at Pratt & Whitney I developed a Fortran program for holding the basic family information as the number of names grew. Fortran is not a computer language for maintaining this type of information, but it was an interesting project.

The information was compiled into notebooks and several presentation copies were made for family. I currently have a number of notebooks and boxes of backup information. At this point no one in the family is showing any interest so not sure who it will be passed on to.

I hoped to one day write a book for the family presenting the information in a narrative format. My interests changed and I have done very little with family history over the last 30 years. Other interests still take up most of my time, but I want to put as much of this online as I can. Perhaps it can be converted to a book.

The genealogy is broken into the families of our four grandparents. As a starting place just the male line of each is planned.

It is presented in two forms - first as a narrative as that's more interesting to read and then each family is linked to a conventional genealogical data sheet with references. Not being a trained genealogist and more interested in the narrative, the documentation is not rigorous.

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I've also recently added a section for Janet Huff Roe's family genealogy.

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