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Huff-Weir Genealogy

This section is for the family history and genealogy of the ancestors of Janet Huff Roe. The intention is to preserve and document their history for our children and grandchildren.

The four grandparents - Huff, Weir, Kettman and Shaw - immigrated from Germany, Ireland and Scotland in the late 1800's and early 1900's. They stayed within a small geographic area that primarily included Northern New Jersey.

The genealogy is broken into the families of Janet's four grandparents. As a starting place just the male line of each is planned. I haven't done much research of my own. This relies on collected family documents and stories. the documentation is not rigorous.

Click on each name for their story.

Huff Line

Walter M. Huff's family is from Germany. Only those who came to America are included.

Born Place Died Age Place Married
John Huff Germany Mary ???
Andrew Huff 1814 Germany 1879 65 Paterson, NJ Mary Lurer
Joseph Huff 1852 Paterson, NJ 1892 40 Paterson, NJ Barbara Englehardt Huff
Walter Michael Huff 1885 Paterson, NJ 1956 71 Passaic, NJ Marie Kettman
Walter John Huff 1915 Paterson, NJ 1962 46 Paterson, NJ Noreen Weir Huff
Janet Huff Roe 1943 Passaic, NJ Jon Ross Roe

Engelhardt Line

Born Place Died Age Place Married
George Englehardt 1829 Germany 1887 58 Paterson, NJ Kunigunda ???
Barbara Englehardt 1859 Paterson, NJ 1925 86 Paterson, NJ Joseph Huff

Kettman Line

Born Place Died Age Place Married
Theodor Kettmann 1851 Germany 1917 66 Paterson, NJ Wilhelmina Schulta
Marie Kettman Huff 1888 Germany 1974 86 Paterson, NJ Walter Michael Huff

Weir Line

Born Place Died Age Place Married
Nicol Weir 1915 Paterson, NJ 1962 46 Paterson, NJ Mary Shaw
Noreen Weir 1915 Passaic, NJ 1976 61 Paterson, NJ Walter John Huff