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Ernest Roe Genealogy Line

Ernest Roe is descended from the immigrant David Roe, who arrived in on Long Island about 1662. His grandson Nathaniel moved upstate to Orange County, probably as a result of the Revolutionary War. Nathaniel's grandson George then moved down to Sussex County purchasing alarge tract of land, probably to for available farmland. At this point they were primarily farmers. For the next 200 years five generations of Roe's would live in the August-Branchville area becoming businessmen and developers as new areas opened up.

The Roe immigrants were English although their name and heritage trace back to Normandy, France and before that Norway. During the Nineteenth Century they intermarried with families of German and Dutch descent.

In New Jersey they helped establish the Presbyterian Church of which they were strong supporters. Most of the New Jersey Roe's are buried in the Roe Circle of the Branchville Cemetery, originally a part of George Roe's farm.

Following is the Roe Line. Click on each name for their story.

Born Place Died Age Place Married
David Roe England 1707  Flushing, NY Mary
Nathaniel Roe-1 1670  Flushing, NY 1738 68 Flushing, NY Elizabeth
Nathaniel Roe-2 1702 Flushing, NY 1785 83 Florida, NY Mary
Jonas Roe 1727 Flushing, NY 1798 71 Florida, NY Phebe
George Roe 1777 Orange Co, NY 1815 37 Branchville, NJ Margaret Struble
Nathaniel Roe-3 1799 1875 75 Branchville, NJ Harriet Shepherd
Nathan Shepherd Roe 1824 Branchville, NJ 1876 51 Branchville, NJ Elizabeth Dunning
Arthur Nathaniel Roe 1853 Branchville, NJ 1931 78 Branchville, NJ Mary Zilpha Speicher
Ernest Roe 1884 Branchville, NJ 1948 63 Branchville, NJ Maude M. Wickham
Ross Ernest Roe 1913 Branchville, NJ 2004 91 Falmouth, MA Ilsa Irene Depew
Jon Ross Roe 1939 Newton, NJ Janet Marie Huff