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Maude Wickham Genealogy

The Wickham family history can be traced to the southern coast of England. By the middle of the 1600ís the family had fled their homeland for religious reasons and sailed to New England.

Maude (or Maud) Wickham is descended from the immigrant Thomas Wickham, Sr, who arrived in New Haven about 1651 where his son, also Thomas, was born. He had moved to Wethersfield by 1658 where he and his son spent the remainder of their lives.

Gideon, the third generation, moved to Southold, Long Island by 1737. His son Noyes left British occupied Long Island during the Revolutionary War, as did many Long Island families. He settled in Ridgebury, Orange County, NY just above the New Jersey border. This was prime farmland and the family would remain here for the next hundred years.

In the late 1800's our ancestors were leaving the farms of their ancestors and exploring business careers. This may have been because little farmland remained or the lure of cities and the opportunity for better incomes. Thus Ross Miller had a successful insurance business in Paterson, NJ. He did well enough that he purchased a summer home outside Branchville, NJ where his daughter Maude would meet and marry Ernest Roe.

Following is the male line of Wickhams with primary information. Click on each name for detail. Overall about ??? ancestors of Maude have been identified spanning ?? generations. Many of the Wickham wives were descendants of well known Long Island families.

Born Place Died Age Place Married
Thomas Wickham, Sr. 1623 England 1689 65 Wethersfield, CT Sarah Goodrich
Thomas Wickham, Jr. 1651 New Haven, CT 1730 78 Wethersfield, CT Mary Hurlbut
Gideon Wickham 1692 Wethersfield, CT 1752 60 Cutchogue, LI, NY Mary Noyes
Noyes Wickham 1740 Southold, LI, NY 1822 82 Ridgebury, NY Ruth Goldsmith
Barnabas Wickham 1781 Ridgebury, NY 1857 76 Ridgebury, NY Abigail Terry
George Gilbert Wickham 1803 Ridgebury, NY 1855 52 Ridgebury, NY Hilinda Hawkins
DeWitt Clinton Wickham 1827 Ridgebury, NY 1903 75 Ridegbury, NY Harriet Newall Miller
Ross Miller Wickham 1850 Ridgebury, NY 1916 65 Branchville, NJ Mary Alice Steventon
Maude M. Wickham 1886 Paterson, NJ 1969 82 Morris Plains, NJ Ernest Roe