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Family Links

This is a page of links to family members websites. They include businesses.


Since I like to create websites and play on the Internet I have lots of them. Way more than you ever wanted to know about me.

Facebook Page

Conscious CT - Regional networking website. Currently shutting it down.

The Tankerhoosen - Website of all things about the Tankerhoosen Valley I live in.

Tankerhoosen Blog - Supports the Tankerhoosen website.

Newton High Class of 1961 - Class's website I host.

Quixote Enterprises - Early website for thinking out loud where I wanted to go.


Jan & Nora

Nora's Facebook Page

Jan couldn't care less about having a page.

Donna & Mark C.

Donna's Facebook Page

Roadside Stories - Mark partners with a friend to produce this television show. Mark is responsible for photography and editing.

Mark R. & Debbie

Debbie's Facebook Page

Debbie's Website

Annie, Katie & Adam

Find their web pages at Family Pages.

Brad & Keith

Brad's Facebook Page

Brad's Website - Brad is an aspiring actor living in New York City.

Keith's Facebook Page

Theodore's Booze, Blues & BBQ - Keith is a partner in two Springfield bar and restaurants.

Smith's Billiards - Above Theodore's and part of Keith's business.

Mark R. & Jon

Book Series I own

TV Series we own