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Note: This site was created in February 2006 to begin development of a website that would become Conscious CT. It helped to develop the concept, while providing the experience of creating a website from scratch. It has not been kept up-to-date as Conscious CT was developed in the Summer of 2007, but still has some relevance as it describes the vision that was our starting point. Some of the ideas are yet to be unfolded. And it was fun to play with Quixote.

Welcome fellow traveler! I am Jon Quixote of Quinnehtukqut and I wander the spiritual paths of our state in search of ways to bring people together. When last heard from I was closing the door on 19 years of publishing the community net­working journal and on 13 years of supporting holistic health organiza­tions. I did this because a Muse whispered to me that if I would close these doors there would be a new adventure waiting that would reignite my pas­sions and set me on a new adventure. I was ready for a new ques­t and I want you to join me!

This site is dedicated to the adventure. We are going to design and build two new websites. One will be a Community Center where all the people of our extended village can come together to share and find resources and commune with each other. The second will be a mystical pathway inviting those not part of our community to join us.

On this site we'll chronicle the journey and how it progresses. We’ll experiment with some ideas and invite you to contribute your thoughts and perhaps time and talents as well; for the building of a Community Center is much like a barn raising in which the community comes together to help a neighbor.

So please join us. You can jump around to the different rooms by clicking on the questions below or the links on the side. This site is an experiment where we will try things out and play. Check back regularly as we update the progress.

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