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Claud Depew Genealogy

Claud Depew is descended from the immigrant Nicholas Depui, who arrived in New Amsterdam in 1662. His son Moses moved up the Hudson River to the Kingston area. His grandson Benjamin then moved down the Neversink River valley to the Upper Delaware River settling in Mount Bethel. At this point they were primarily farmers. For over a hundred years they lived on what was then the frontier and were concerned with Indians, the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War.

Benjamin's grandson, also Benjamin, moved across the river about 1800 to Sandyston Township, NJ where the family farmed for the next four generations. Claud was the first to leave farming to become a businessman in Newton.

The Depui name changed in spelling several times with Claud making the final change to Depew. Nicholas was French but his descendants intermarried, primarily with the Dutch who settled the Hudson River and Neversink Valleys. The church of the Dutch in this area was the Reformed Dutch Church. They had parishes from Kingston to the upper Delaware River Valley. Fortunately for us the church kept excellent records of births, deaths and marriages. Burials also tended to be near the churches, so we have grave sites of many of our Depew ancestors.

Following is the male line of Depews with primary information. Click on each name for detail. Overall about 100 ancestors of Claud have been identified spanning 11 generations.

Born Place Died Age Place Married
Nicholas Depui 163? France 1691  New Amsterdam Catharina DeVos
Moses Depuy 1657  France 1754 97 Rochester, NY Maria Wynkoop
Benjamin-1 Depuy 1695 Rochester, NY 1766 70 Mt Bethel, PA Elis. Schoonmaker
Johannes Depuy 1727 Marbletown, NY 1777 50 Mt Bethel, PA Maria Van Campen
Benjamin-2 Depue 1756 Mt Bethel, PA 1840 83 Layton, NJ Osee Stivers
John Depue 1780 Mt Bethel, PA 1866 86 Layton, NJ Phebe Shay
Elisha Depue 1811 Layton, NJ 1876 64 Layton, NJ Hannah Everitt
Mathew Depue 1838 Layton, NJ 1881 43 Hainesville, NJ Susan Kyte
Dayton Depue 1860 Hainesville, NJ 1912 52 Layton, NJ Maria Clark
Claud Depew 1883 Hainesville, NJ 1958 75 Newton, NJ Lillian Cole